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Myth of Consensus, Transformational Change, © 2013, Robert S. Tipton

The Three TOUGHEST Barriers to Change

The Three TOUGHEST Barriers to Change by Robert S. Tipton I run into a lot of different barriers to change, but there are three that have proved to be tougher to overcome than the rest: 1) Suffering in Advance; 2) The Myth of Consensus; and 3) All Things Pass. Yours Truly in the Edison One, […]

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Powerful Leadership Lessons from a Kindergarten teacher, “The Dog Whisperer,” and “Super Nanny”

by Robert S. Tipton “Dogs communicate through energy. You display leadership by projecting calm, assertive energy.” — Cesar Milan, “The Dog Whisperer” I’m amazed by the amount of negative, destructive energy that “leaders” expend when it comes to implementing change. Even in simple things — like trying to get people to pay attention at the […]

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Epic Failure 2

BONUS: Epic Change Failure Cause Number 11

by Robert S. Tipton 11. Drop the Bomb and Wait for the Sheep BTW — didn’t this guy get the memo that there’s something HAZARDOUS here? Talk about a bad lie — and an epic failure just waiting to happen. (photo credit: unknown) I’ve recently posted my “hall of shame” related to The Top 10 […]

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Get GOOD at Organizational Change Model (high-level)

Get GOOD at Organizational Change! (Workshop)

An Eight-Part Training Workshop by Robert S. Tipton “Highly successful organizations know how to overcome antibodies that reject anything new. But first, a process of change must happen that uses both the head and the heart.” John Kotter, PhD, Harvard School of Business This workshop is for you if you answer “yes” to ANY of […]

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Change Management Pro, Epic Failure 3

Top 10 Ways to Ensure Epic Change Failures

by Robert S. Tipton Most approaches to managing, mandating, or dictating change just don’t work, and some create catastrophically bad outcomes. Recently I’ve analyzed the “Epic Change Failures” I’ve seen, and I’ve developed my “hall of shame” Top 10 list related to them as a result. (Note: Just ONE on my list of ten is […]

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Change is a Team Sport!

(Plus the Other 13 “Golden Rules of Change”) by Robert S. Tipton Change should be spelled with three A’s. And, no — it’s not because the word should be pronounced slowly, like “Chhhhaaaaannngggeee…” because it’s often a long, slow process. No. Change should have three A’s because there are three major “A-related” components that need […]

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