TEDxFrontRange: “The Power of Fierce Agreements

“We Don’t Resist Change, We Resist BEING Changed without Our Permission!”

I’m fascinated by the intersections in life where we have choices — BIG choices — that prove to be transformational moments. So much so, that I dedicate my personal and professional life to helping individuals, groups, and entire organizations reach for and achieve exceptional results. Not ordinary, okay, or sorta-good results — I get to share in their breathtaking outcomes!

I’ve also learned a few things along the way during my 35+ year career in change. It’s clear to me that how we approach change, especially when it comes to how we choose to feel about it, determines how “hard” it might or might not be. In that vein, there are two things I know for sure: 1) the saying “because I said so” doesn’t work for anyone; and 2) major, life-changing choices are based on fierce agreement — and NOT on buy-in.

In fact, buy-in sucks. It’s not nearly enough.

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