At one point, early in my speaking career — I actually kept track of every presentation I’d ever given. But, during the past 25-30 years, I’ve literally given thousands of presentations to hundreds of thousands of attendees in dozens of countries on almost every continent (missing Africa and Antarctica at this point!). I’ve collected a bunch of logos and stuck them below, and I’ve also captured some of the more “meaning-filled” comments I’ve received from session feedback forms.

I’d love to add your logo below — that means we’ve met and we’ve done some important things together. Thank you!

Testimonial Logos

“This is just what I needed and when I needed it. I learned to expand my boundaries / past, preconceived notions fo what I can do / should do / would do. Instead, I am looking at what’s possible. Regardless of what I accept in meeting survival needs, I am searching and planning for and working toward what is now OPTIMAL – that’s a big attitude change.”

“The program was excellent. Bob did a great job. I am finding the process and concepts very helpful.
Upbeat nature of the workshop helped me get out of “down slump” and begin to think about other avenues rather than return to the only career I’ve had for 24+ years. Met great people with interaction.”

“JUMP! has really given me the impetus to create momentum for myself, and lo and behold, I’m finding sources of energy I didn’t know existed before this workshop. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

“This has been life and perspective changing. I am feeling more in control by being more creative – my natural state as a creative writer. Open possibilities is what it’s all about!”

“I’ve been thinking in circles – running into the same blocks. Armed with new ways to shape my thoughts I’ve had new insights. I’m anxious to try a new path.”

“I like the different thought processes this workshop introduced me to. The exercises kept me engaged. I like the variety of team and one-on-one exercises. Bob – you have great energy and you are inspiring and thought provoking.”

“An excellent experience, with great outside the box tactics to overcome the emotional obstacles to reaching your potential. You did a wonderful job of directing the steps necessary to get unstuck! I found some innovative tools for change.”

“I have a clearer focus on the job that will fulfill many of my needs. Immediately going forward, I will apply for needed training and follow-up with informational interviews. Position I have selected is volunteer, so I also need to figure out some way to bring in money in the short-term.”

“Opened my eyes to possibilities. Created a hope for my future.”

“What a blessing this has been – I am so grateful for all that I’ve heard, learned, shared. Thank you.”

“This workshop has been a fantastic self-awareness process for me. It has enabled me to understand what I am capable of and what I want to do rather than doing what I have always done just because I’ve always done it.”

“Positive feedback, get unstuck – just do it, make you realize your capabilities, giving good positive energy, get rid of negative ideas”

“I needed to write to let you know how special your presentation was for me. It was exactly what I needed to hear at this point in my life. I must tell you that most other motivational speakers leave me entirely uninspired. I never seem to get past the idea that they are putting on a well-rehearsed show and preaching to me. Your speech is honest and genuine. Not only do you believe in what you say, but it is apparent that is how you live your life.”

“Please know your caring and sharing in these sessions is invaluable to your attendees. And it is so very rare to meet a presenter who has your gift for relating to an audience on both a personal and professional level. No matter whether your comments are on the “techie” side or the “transforming” side, you have a way of tuning your audience in without any static whatsoever. You should be proud of this ability — it is very special! I felt as if your comments were directed just to me that day in Atlanta, and I would be willing to bet that most of those who heard you felt the same way.”

“I certainly admire you — you are living your life in accordance with the sessions you present. Your enthusiasm is contagious and delightful!”

“You made a profoundly positive impact on my life today.”

“Bob has a marvelous speaking voice and presence. Quite thought-provoking …”

“I really don’t know how to thank you for your session or to fully convey the value of it to me personally. Almost from the moment I started listening, I was in tears … I think it has opened doors that have always been closed. And in a way that several counselors have failed to do.”

“Bob, I really feel I can now discover some real CONTROL over where I go — and I owe you a debt of deep and warmly felt gratitude for the gift you’ve given me. I hope I can do it justice. I can’t imagine that you present these sessions without re-living your own pain; to me, that makes what you do all the more special. Thank you.”