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JUMP! – Get Unstuck

Extraordinary Life Breakthroughs Using Innovative Change

JUMP! brings together the principles of quantum physics, ancient philosoply, spiritual practices and sound leadership in a a two-part book. Part good-old story telling (the fable), and part consulting tools (the model), JUMP! is chocked full of innovative, practical tools and advice on how to successfully manage your life, career, and organizational change.


• Overview (Basis)

• Reader’s Guide

• Introduction

• Leadership Fable (Synopsis)

• Process Model (Overview)

• Character Summaries

• Virtual Bibliography


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The leadership fable in JUMP! is a composite of many of JUMP!-related projects and clients—designed to show the model “in action.” Real clients get testy about sharing the details of their situations, so the fable is a made-up story, but one steeped in real-life wisdom. The process model in JUMP! is a high-level, yet comprehensive depiction of the actual consulting practices and tools used in the JUMP! Innovative Change Model™.

The Fable? Right Brainers Love It.

The process model? Left-brain heaven.

Together? A powerful combination.


Reader Reactions:

“Bob Tipton does it again! His latest masterpiece, JUMP!, is a road map for successful transformation revealed through a riveting tale of discovery and human triumph. I was hooked from the Introduction to the Appendix and read JUMP! in a single sitting.”
—Larry Shutzberg, CIO and VP, Evergreen Packaging, Inc.
—David Hildebrandt, President, iDREIA, LLC
“Bob masterfully ties together concepts as diverse as quantum physics and spirituality to define a solid approach to initiate, promote and accomplish spectacular changes. The JUMP! Innovative Change Model has application in so many areas of life, but in particular, if your life involves working with others, this is a must-read. With change as the only constant in life, the principles contained within are vital to us all.”
—Nahid Jilovec Sewell, Author (The Ruby Tear Catcher), Speaker
JUMP! is the four-wheel drive with a quantum winch to get your team unstuck! It’s about becoming that honest, transparent, and authentic organization that fills your heart and excels.”
—Brian O’Malley, Adventurer, Author, Photographer, Speaker
“Unique, immediately useful, and a fun read! Not just another change management book. JUMP! can serve as a textbook and how-to for making significant changes, can stimulate emotions that personally inspire, and Bob Tipton has crafted both a fable and guide founded on a set of guiding principles. There is something for everyone in JUMP!. Read it, digest it and enjoy your next JUMP! experience.”
—Andrew M. Amalfitano, Business Continuity Consultant, AmalfiCORE, LLC
JUMP! sneaks up on you. It is a great read that makes deep ideas approachable, but it also makes them stick with you. I found myself thinking back to it again and again in my own life and work and going back to certain pages with a whole new perspective. It is a book about change that actually changes things.”
—Chris Vaughan, PhD, CEO & Founder, Sequence Consulting, Inc.
“Bob’s use of Lencioni-esque storytelling really helps to provide depth to the difficult process of change and innovation. Plus, he also offers a practical framework and exercises to practice the JUMP! concepts and methods.”
—Keith Okano, President, Bridgeway Software
JUMP! is far more than a ‘feel good’ approach. It’s a serious entry into profound and positive change.”
—Lisa McCaghren, Arrow Performance Group
“Bob Tipton’s use of ‘fable’ to illustrate the JUMP! Innovative Change Model for facilitating change is enlightening and spot-on. Anyone who’s ever fought their way through major transformation will identify and cheer. The story makes the process much more real and delivers great clarity.”
—Gerry Sewell, IT Executive, Philosopher